“I’ve had it for about a year and only charged it maybe 5 times. That’s not from a lack of use either because we ride a few miles every weekend. During deer season it gets used a lot more and we still only charge it once a month.  I have been very impressed with the range!”

-Greg Develle

Owner of a E-Z-GO Terrain 1000 72v


“Over the last 30 years I have either consulted in or personally managed the purchase of approximately one thousand golf cars. I have also been responsible for the maintenance and management of those fleets. For the last eight years we have done business almost exclusively with Ben Nelson Golf and Utility Vehicles. During that period Benji Nelson has been an exceptional example of professionalism and support. He has gone out of his way in developing a relationship built on respect and understanding our needs. Whenever we have had issues, which have been few and far between, Benji and his team have been eager to address them and fully responsive in finding and implementing solutions. They have gone far beyond the required vndor expectations and are exactly the type of partner that we need in order to build our business with confidence. There are many good golf cars on the market today, Ben and Benji Nelson have been instrumental in helping us choose the one right for us.”

Russell G. Garner

Chief Operating Officer, Owner

Windyke Country Club

Memphis, TN


“When I purchased my LSU golf cart from Ben Nelson I was ecstatic with the quality of my cart. However the exceptional customer service I have received since my purchase has been second to none. They have always been at the ready when I needed help and went out of their way to provide quality service. When my cart had a problem with the rear end a few months ago it was picked up repaired and delivered back to my home the same day! That type of quality service is why I won’t shop anywhere else for any of my golf cart needs.”

– Richard Landry


“I have recently purchased PZ60 husqvarna zero turn mower. This mower cuts tall thick grass without difficulty and discharges clippings very well. This model mower comes with an air ride seat and makes for a much smoother ride. I would highly recommend husqvarna mowers if you are looking for quality mower.”

Will Davis


“Ben Nelson is awesome!”

-Bobbie & Christie Smith


“I enjoy using Ben Nelson”

-Brad Hathorn


“Ben Nelson Golf Carts is awesome”

-Erin and Jay Barbour


“We love Ben Nelson”

-Landon Hathorn


“Ben Nelson is awesome. We bought our golf cart from here.”

-Emily Ingram


“Ben Nelson is great!”

-Curt Thomas


“EZGO Ben Nelson is great”

-Kevin Hansford 


“Ben Nelson is great – that is where we bought ours!”

-Sarah Johnson


“Ben Nelson is awesome.”

-Matt Dilback


“We just bought our golf cart from Ben Nelson. EZGO is great!”

-Curt Michels