Frequently Asked Questions


Gas or Electric?

Both gas and electric cars have advantages and disadvantages.  Gas vehicles generally have a 150 mile range and more horsepower, but they operate more noisily. Depending on voltage, electric cars range 8-30 miles between charges, a silent motor, and no exhaust pollution.  Gas and electric golf cars cost about the same to operate over the long run.  While the expense of a gas car will be spread out over years with gasoline and normal small engine maintenance costs, the maintenance expense of electric cars is incurred when they receive a new set of batteries (usually every 4-6 years depending on use and upkeep).  Typical applications for a gas vehicle are:  hunting (if range is an issue), all day riding without stopping, and hauling/pulling large loads.  An electric vehicle is a great option for: stealthy hunting, security services, indoor use, and neighborhood use.

What is the difference between the EZGO RXV and the TXT?

The gasoline models of the RXV and TXT have 2 main differences: suspension and appearance.  The RXV has independent front-end suspension while the TXT has leaf-springs with hydraulic shocks.

The biggest difference between electric models is the motor.  The RXV has an AC motor (more efficient that DC), 4-12 volt batteries, an electro-magnetic braking system, a smoother ride, and generally more power.  The TXT electric model has a DC motor, 6-8 volt batteries, a manual parking brake, and has set the standard of reliability since 1996.

How often should I add water to my batteries?

Always water batteries after a full charge.  Properly-maintained water levels are extremely important in maximizing battery life.  The water level should be about 1/8″-1/4″ above the plate.

Are all batteries the same?

When considering deep cycle batteries, you get what you pay for.  We carry 6, 8, and 12 volt Trojan and US batteries, which have larger current carrying capacity (run time) than other brands.  Let our trained professionals determine which battery is right for you.

What do the different blinking lights on my charger mean?

The blinking LED lights each indicate a different status of charge:

Short green flash = less than 80% charged
Long green flash = more than 80% charged
Solid green light = 100% charged
Red flash = fault code, charging error. For descriptions of fault codes, please refer to your owner’s manual.

How important is it to remove corrosion from battery posts?

Essential.  Corrosion that builds up on battery cables and posts will weaken the connection, over-strain other electrical elements, decrease battery life, and require replacement of those components.  The preferred methods of preventive maintenance are to wash the tops of the batteries with a water hose every week or so, coat battery connections with grease, and clean with baking soda and water.

Should I leave my charger plugged into my golf car at all times?

The charger will only cycle one time before shutting itself off; therefore, there is no benefit to leaving it plugged in after the batteries are fully charged.

Does my golf car come with a warranty?

Yes, all new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1-3 years depending on the brand and model.  Vehicles that have been refurbished or custom-built by Ben Nelson come with a 1 year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

What is the range of an electric golf car?

The average range of an electric golf car is 10-12 miles, depending on terrain, weight, and battery condition.

Where do I purchase parts?

Parts can be purchased at both locations (Pearl and Biloxi).  Also, you can go to the Services>> Parts & Accessories page of our website to purchase parts online.

Can I rent a custom golf car?

Yes, our rental fleet consists of many different models for any and every occasion. Two passenger, Four passenger, Six passenger, and utility vehicles are available.  Contact us for daily, weekly, monthly, and long term options and rates.

Can I have my golf car delivered?

Yes, delivery is available; fees may apply.

Are all units in inventory online?

Since our inventory is always changing, the online inventory is a good representation but not a comprehensive display of the many vehicles we have to choose from.  Please contact one of our sales representatives to discuss a vehicle to fit your needs.