Golf Cart Etiquette: A Refresher

Respect the Turf: Leave No Trace

Mississippians are famously well-mannered, but we could always use a refresher. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to operating a golf cart, so please take a look at some great advice for the next time you get behind the wheel. The golden rule always applies, even to freshly cut grass.

Every golf course is different, so make sure you learn a course’s specific rules before you hit the pedal. The agronomy staff will be truly grateful for the refined sophistication you bring to the fairway.

Do No Harm

Make it your goal to leave no trace of your cart. Look forward, but also make sure you have someone looking back to make sure you didn’t leave any damage.

Basic Driving Tips

Don’t drive in or across critical play areas such as approaches, collars, or greens. Follow every sign carefully. Make sure to drive all the way around bunkers. Try to vary paths from the people before you to create even wear on the turf.

The 90 Degree Rule

The shortest path between two points is a straight line, but when you’re driving a golf cart on a course, you need to take the path that causes the least amount wear. If you are driving your cart on the grass (which isn’t always allowed), make sure you drive down the path until you create a 90-degree angle with your destination.

Embrace the Quiet

Leave your air horn at home. Silence your cell. Close your eyes. Can you hear that? The beautiful sound of a silent golf course. Birds, bugs, the gentle sway of tree branches. People are trying to concentrate, so try to enjoy the great outdoors and appreciate the quiet.

Avoid Muddin’

We’re from Mississippi, so you are familiar with wet lawns and the allure of mud. Resist the urge to rev your golf cart. You can do it!

Move Out of the Way

Are you already putting? Move your golf cart up the path so that the people behind you can continue.

It’s time you put your new manners to use! Ben Nelson Golf & Outdoor has a great selection of golf cars for you to look at. Contact us or stop by our showrooms.