E-Z-GO Introduces Lithium-Powered Golf Carts

ELiTE’s Groundbreaking Advancements in Golf Car Technology



E-Z-GO has partnered with Samsung SDI to create a groundbreaking advancement in golf car technology – a golf car powered by Samsung SDI lithium cells. The same batteries that already safely and reliably power electric cars, equipment, and appliances will now be powering fleets of golf cars. ELiTE Series vehicles provides the lowest operating costs the industry has ever seen.

The exclusive ELiTE lithium technology will be available in the following E-Z-GO 2017 models: RXV ELiTE, Freedom RXV ELiTE, Freedom RXV 2+2 ELiTE, TXT ELiTE, Freedom TXT ELiTE and Freedom TXT 2+2 ELiTE.



Zero-Maintenance Batteries

Samsung SDI lithium batteries don’t require the labor involved with watering, terminal post checkups and cleaning like lead acid batteries. Hate maintaining your battery? This vehicle is for you.

Cost-Saving Efficiency

ELiTE series vehicles have Samsung lithium cells loaded into a single battery pack. These batteries use less energy, charge in half the time, and require less out-of-wall power than leading lead acid batteries. That means you can dramatically cut energy costs and have your vehicle work all day long without recharging.

5-Year Warranty

You won’t have any repair costs for repairs under warranty for five years. E-Z-GO believes in the reliable and enduring performance of the ELiTE Series vehicles so much that every model comes with a five-year, unlimited-amp-hour warranty.

Lighter Vehicles and Turf Protection

Simply put: the old, lead batteries weigh 328lbs, and the new, lithium ones weigh 49lbs. And not only that, the new batteries are half the size as the old ones. As a result, ELiTE vehicles weigh hundreds of pounds less and create more room. This takes a huge load off of your turf!


The lithium battery is a greener, zero-emissions technology that lasts longer and also protects the Earth by using less energy.

ELiTE Testing

E-Z-GO ELiTE Series vehicles were tested at Tijeras Creek Golf Club, in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., where last year, 73,000 rounds of golf were played. The award-winning course is known for its challenging hilly, brutal terrain. Tijeras Creek Golf Club regularly rotates vehicles in the current lead-acid golf car fleet in and out of service daily to allow for ample recharge time.

“From day one, the ELiTE Series vehicles have been going around our golf course anywhere from 36 to 54 holes a day, and during that time frame, we aren’t having to recharge them,” said Rob Heslar, director of golf at Tijeras Creek Golf Club. “There’s a confidence factor in the ELiTE Series lithium car for me. I’m not concerned about putting my customers in an ELiTE Series golf vehicle because I know they won’t worry about becoming stranded in an uncharged vehicle.”

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