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Golf Cart Etiquette: A Refresher

Respect the Turf: Leave No Trace Mississippians are famously well-mannered, but we could always use a refresher. There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to operating a golf cart, so please take a look at some great advice for the next time you get behind the wheel. The golden rule always …

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Guide to Off-Roading and ATV Parks in Mississippi

Muddy Tires and Camp Fires Once you have an incredible off-road vehicle like one of our Bad Boys, you may consider taking it for a special trip. The state of Mississippi has a number of public and private parks. Want to go off-roading but don’t know where to start? Ben Nelson …


E-Z-GO Introduces Lithium-Powered Golf Carts

ELiTE’s Groundbreaking Advancements in Golf Car Technology     E-Z-GO has partnered with Samsung SDI to create a groundbreaking advancement in golf car technology – a golf car powered by Samsung SDI lithium cells. The same batteries that already safely and reliably power electric cars, equipment, and appliances will now be powering …

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Hospitality Rental Vehicles at Ben Nelson Golf & Utility

Golf Carts with Southern Hospitality In the deep South, hospitality is of primary concern during events and gatherings. Ben Nelson Golf and Utility offers a huge variety of rental vehicles. They make a big difference for guests and those that need to get around quickly and nimbly. Rental Vehicles for Every …

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A Tribute to Arnold Palmer, Masters and E-Z-GO Legend

RIP Arnold Palmer (1929-2016)     Earlier this fall, the golfing world lost one of its giants. Arnold Palmer, the King, died back in September. Considered to be among the greatest players to ever step on the course, Palmer’s achievements and accolades are wide and varied. During his 60+ year …


Five Celebrity Golf Carts

Ever wonder what kind of custom golf carts the rich and famous drive? The custom carts below are as varied as the personalities of the celebrities driving them. 1. Guy Fieri     Food Network star Guy Fieri made sure his personal brand was reflected in his custom-ordered, street-legal golf cart. …


The Beginning of Golf Carts

Creating Accessiblility for Golfers with Disabilities While there is some debate over who originally fabricated the first golf cart in history, there are a few early golf carts that we know about for sure. The first carts were all invented to transport players with mobility issues. Curtis Willock’s Pasadena Cruiser, 1930   …

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The Top Guinness World Records for Golf Carts

Golf Carts are certainly versatile and handy for many different jobs. But what about breaking World Records? As it turns out, there are quite a few golf carts involved with World Records, some as the main event and some as integral parts of a larger one. Here are four wild and …